Why PC Gaming is better than Consoles?

So, in this article we are just continuing the old PC versus Console gaming debate with some of our arguments to prove my point “That PC Gaming is better”.

So, the first point to validate my point is “The ability to upgrade”. The best part is that you can upgrade your PC whenever you want to where as you can’t even touch a single component of a console. The beauty of PC gaming is upgradability that means you can upgrade your PC whenever a new high resource demanding games comes in the market.

Regardless of whether you constructed your very own or you purchased a PC from a gadgets store, you can change out the parts with crisp new ones when they begin to demonstrate their age. Every single part inside a PC can be swapped out pretty effectively — it’s somewhat similar to cutting edge Legos.

While, parts inside console’s generally stay unaltered through the span of their reality. All things considered, Sony has turned out with the PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K support, which is somewhat similar to updating the parts in a PC.

Another best thing is that you have full control over your PC and you can customise it the way you want it to be. You can give your PC a look hat no console can match.


Consoles come in pre-decided specifications which manufacturer thinks is perfect for both consumers and manufacturers but you can build your own PC from scratch, you can pick and chose exactly what parts you want like a case, motherboard, graphics card, processor, RAM, and storage.

The another main reason why I support PC gaming is you don’t get bothered by others where as when you have a console you need a television and if there are other people in home then they also need television and its very irritating when your siblings disturb you when playing games because they want to watch some kiddish show.

PC games give you control over how you want to play the game not as console where you have only a joy stick with predefined controls which are pretty confusing also. In PC’s you can customise the controls and even you are a joy stick person then you can play with joystick also.

Console games doesn’t have cheat codes and mods where as PC games are customisable in itself where you can use MOD’s to improve gameplay or change however you like.


For example, almost all the GTA games have MOD’s where you can make it look better or you can even get some new unique weapons. There was a one MOD for GTA V where you can use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as dynamite (got the pun ?).

So who doesn’t love playing games with friends but do you know consoles charge hefty money to play multiplayer games and PC doesn’t take a penny to play with your friends. So, PC gaming saves you money in the long run.

There were few arguments from me to prove that PC gaming is better but if you got some arguments to cross-question me then you can post comments below and let us know.