The way you invest your workout time is very important.  Following consistent routines and discipline is what you need to get you there.  But equally important is how do you take care of yourself after your workout routine.

Follow this short but practical guide to doing what is best for your body after an intense workout.

Self-myofascial release

No matter how intense your workout with your personal trainer was.  Doing a self-myofascial release is important to avoid the formation of muscle knots.  Muscle knots are an accumulation of fascia in the muscle.  This can turn into a painful bump.

Use a foam roller to do some massage on the areas that you work the most on.  This is the best way to give yourself a myofascial release.  You can also do this previous to your workout.

Cool off

Right after you are done with your routine, wait a moment for your body to cool off.  Don´t rush to the exit or the showers just yet.

Experts recommend you allowing five minutes to cool off.  You can use this time to perform some light cardio.  This will help flush out any metabolic waste.


Especially if you have lost range of motion and flexibility, stretching is very important.  Stretching is not recommended for those who are already flexible.

Stretching can help the nervous system and help the body relax.  Don´t push it too hard or you might end up with a sprained muscle.  Find the balance between comfort and pain.

Recover fluids

In other words, rehydrate.  When you workout, your body releases sweat to keep your body cool.  This means that you are losing water and mineral salts with it.  If you do not replenish your body, you can suffer dehydration.

Rehydration helps regulate body temperature and lubrication of the joints.  It also avoids constipations.  Being dehydrated does not always mean to be thirsty.  Do the urine test to be sure.  If your pee is clear, then you are good.  If it looks yellow, that is when you are getting dehydrated.

Consume Protein

The time at which you eat protein is not really critical.  When you make exercise, you are building muscle.  But there has to be muscle to build and protein in larger amounts is needed.  Your food will not always be able to supply it for you.

Make your own schedule on when to take your protein shake or smoothie.  As with the amount, this will depend on the type of exercises you do and the time.

Use the Proper Clothing

With this we mean compression clothing, pants, socks, and sleeves.  This type of garment helps reduce toxins in the muscle, improves circulation, and helps recovery.

This is important for an effective body recovery and functioning.  But please note that compression clothes are not going to increase your skills during a sport.