A significant number of kids who experience injuries happen to them when they’re playing sports. Many kids and educational institutions encourage their you to participate in athletic activities. Although it has resulted in a lot of positives for youth sports, the incidence of injury for both male and female youth are rising as the participation increase.


Many adults/coaches tell their young athletes to “take the pain and run with it” to encourage them to perform. However, this can be counterproductive as it may cause bad habits and injuries.


When it comes to injuries in children, the enthusiasm and misplace encouragement might mask the extent of the injury itself. At times, a minor injury could become worse and eventually become even more difficult to correct. This should be prevented while a child is young because it may hamper their development as an athlete if they have aspirations of being a professional in the future.


A visit to a clinic will give parents a chance to get a correct diagnosis of their kids injury either through asking past injuries or physical tests. You, as a coach or parent, can contribute to the evaluation by recounting the event of the injury, correct information about the child, and the level of training and game time the child has experienced.


Using the information provided by the athlete plus the diagnostic tools like X-ray and MRI the young athletes injury can be correctly identified. The cause of injury can also be determined which is usually due to an accident or overuse in practice and in training.


Along with diagnosis and injury rehabilitation, prevention is equally important. Young athletes from primary school to high school can enjoy the whole athletic experience longer if they get preventive work for injuries.


  • Training should be done the correct way. Intensity should be high but limited by the amount of work a child’s body can take.
  • The timing for strength and conditioning should be considered in training programs. Strength development should be done mostly in the off-season. Metabolic conditioning work should be done at least a month before the season starts.
  • Corrective exercises and stretching should be taught at an early age to get rid of muscle imbalances.
  • Recovery methods like massage should also be a part of their regimen. Massage for recovery can be done to aid in improving performance. Massage for injury is also important to get athletes back to full health and prevent permanent injury situations in young children.
  • Coaches should do ocular inspection of training fields and places for events to minimize the risk of injury while performing sports. Securing the equipment of the athletes for their sporting event will also protect them from injury if they play in a contact sport.


These suggestions are basic knowledge for any coach and parent to allow the young athlete to reach their potential. For a more informed decision regarding your athlete it would be best to consult a medical expert for training. Always get professional services when you want to provide recovery methods for your athletes.