Let us clear the air first. For starters, protein powder is safe to use for young athletes.  However, if they want to build more muscle, more powder is not going to do that.  In fact, in some cases, it could be harmful.  Then, no amount of protein powder will help a young athlete build muscle or make him run faster if he has not been through puberty yet.

Young athletes need more protein than their counterparts that do not engage in sports or athletic activities.  Therefore, a good protein powder can supplement these protein needs.  Only it has to be in proper amounts.

A young athlete does really need an extra dose of protein to supply for his needs, basically because he is growing and, in general, uses more protein for their workout. It is necessary, though, that their intake is accompanied by a training program if the idea is to increase muscle or add speed.  A light resistance program can also be beneficial.

No more than needed

Several studies have proved that teenagers get their required proteins from the food they eat.  However, young athletes require more than what food can provide alone.  A good protein powder can help provide this extra protein need.  Nevertheless, and as explained before, it should be given under supervision.

When an athlete is doing exercise, some cells can tear down.  Protein is needed here then to help make repairs and build more muscle.

Some teens and young people usually rely on protein supplements to increase their muscle mass.  If this is done without control, the teenager runs the risk of suffering protein toxicity.  This can cause calcium losses, obesity, dehydration and kidney issues.

When is it safe?

Teenagers should be warned about the possible side-effects of adding protein powder to their diet.  As for younger athletes, a good protein shake as a supplement should provide the extra protein their highly active lifestyle demands.

In case you have concerns, it is important for you to ask your doctor.  If you are a young athlete, it is best to ask your doctor about if it is OK for you to use protein powder and in what amount.

Only then you can guarantee a proper and balanced diet.  There is not really a protein amount specification for young athletes but the US National Academy of Medicine, suggest a daily intake of 1 to 1.5 g of protein per every Kilogram of weight for active young boys.

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